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12:42 a.m. - 2007-08-24
So it's very late, and I really should be sleeping.
I was at a braai tonight at J's place with some friends. And they just wouldn't leave so I got home later than expected and still had to shower and after that read diaries and leave comments. (I love leaving them as much as getting them)
One of the thoughts repeating through my mind is: 'Tomorrow is Friday' and another: 'You are SOOOOO going to feel like shit tomorrow morning'
I'm glad I didn't have anything to drink, a hangover is one thing. But top it off with not enough sleep and you are screwed.

It's so quiet. My dad came in a few minutes ago and told me to get some sleep, he was going to bed. He tells me every night.
Because he has to wake me up in the mornings as my mom leaves early with my older sister for the other office.(I pick her up in the afternoons)
I never mentioned that my office is on the same premises as our house. It's totally to one side so there is absolutely no slacking on my part in way of lounging(sp?) around in the living area.
I have to set an example for the other ladies that work with me. Just because I'm the boss' (or is it bosses??) daughter doesn't mean I can come and go as I like.

Anyway, my dad has to wake me up at regular intervals, he's sort of my snooze button. Only when he raises his voice a bit do I get up.
He peeks his head in my door and says 'lols' (my nickname) I usually respond with one eye opening and mumbling something unintelligible. This happens a few times. Then on the fourth or so time he says, 'Nicole!?!'
Then I know he's talking business.
This happens every day.
And it'll happen tomorrow morning again.

The best part is, I fool myself you see. I set my alarm and command myself (the night before) to get up when it goes off. Even the alarm gives up after awhile.
I like waking up early (but it SO rarely happens)I just wish I could skip the 'waking up' part. And just skip to 'awake'.

Now I'm going to do the 'sleeping' part.



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